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What Is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

The Medical Home is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, evidence-based, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective care. (AAP policy statement, 2002, reaffirmed 2008)

 This means our practice, as your Medical Home, is a central resource for all of your family and individual care needs.  In a Medical Home, you are welcome and invited to participate in all aspects of your family and individual care.

Access and Communication
Our practice would like to be available when you need us.  Please ask about any special communications or access needs that you or your family have.

We have “policies” with your needs in mind… for example:
• When you call for an appointment, you will be seen within 24hrs for acute illness and appointments at mutual availability.
• When you or your child has tests or procedures done, you will get the results by a secure electronic patient portal, by telephone or by mail depending on the type of test and result and depending on YOUR preference.
• If you are referred to a specialist, with your permission, we will share information with them and with you in a timely manner.

You Can Improve Your Care and Appointment Experience If You:
• Bring your correct list of medications.
• Are prepared to share specific concerns and changes in your life.
• Write down and bring your main questions and concerns.
• Bring in a list of any other providers you or your child has seen with their contact information.
• Ask for help in creating and sharing a complete record of your care and leave with a clear plan in place.

As Your Medical Home we will:
• Take care of you and your family when someone is sick and help you all to stay well.
• Help you plan your future care and/or set goals for care, now and in the future.
• Talk with you about any testing or treatment that is needed or recommended.
• Work with you and other care providers to coordinate care.
• Help you find needed information and resources, such as information about:
        • Local workshops and support groups
        • Local and Regional specialists
        • Health conditions/latest treatments
        • Home care, equipment, and vendors
        • Support services for your family
        • Other key local services including mental health and case management through VT Blue Print